captain coon

Captain Coon is known worldwide for his accomplishments  in tarpon fishing including his invention of the Coon Pop fishing lure which revolutionized  tarpon fishing.

​​​Captain Joe "Papa Joe" Schouest Sr., Captain Lance "Coon" Schouest Sr., Captain Chris "Crawdaddy" Schouest Sr., and Captain Joe "Dookie" Schouest Jr.


  • Captain Coon offers charters on his 31 foot Fountain The Lil' Coon

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Fishing has always been a  passion for the entire Schouest family. Captain Coon's father was the legendary Captain "Papa Joe" Schouest.  Both of Captain Coon's older brothers, Chris "Crawdaddy" Schouest Sr. and Joe "Dookie" Schouest Jr., are fishing captains, as well as his two sons, Captain Lance "Lil' Coon"  Schouest Jr. and Captain Lee "Tig" Schouest. So I guess you can say it really is in Coon Pop's blood. Captain Coon starting fishing tarpon in the seventies and is just is excited to catch one today as he was back then. He started Coon Pop Charters in the eighties as a way of supporting his family while enjoying his favorite past time and sharing his love of tarpon fishing with others. The Mr.Todd his 35 foot Bruno Stillman was well known in the fishing community for all of the amazing catches that took place aboard it. Unfortunately even though the Mr. Todd was salvaged after sinking in Huricane Katrina in 2005 because of cost and health issues it had to be sold off.  Captain Coon now fishs on a 31 ft. fountain named the Lil' Coon.

The Coon Pop fishing lure was invented by Captain Coon in the eighties.  The bait revolutionized tarpon fishing by making for a better fight and safer release.

The Coon Pop

Captain Coon's Story