The Lodge is a two bedroom, two bathroom private camp available for rent.  A private beach area is currently under construction as well.  

Other Fishing Trips Available:

For more information on inshore and other 

non-tarpon trips please call Captain Coon at 985-688-7633.

Tarpon Trips:

Our specialty is tarpon fishing.  Tarpon charters with Captain Coon are $1200 a day.  This price includes boat, tackle, and fuel.  You provide your own food and drinks.  You will fish with Captain Coon aboard his 31 foot Fountain.  Tarpon trips are available out of Grand Isle, Louisiana with the best months being between July and October. Other special arrangements that can be made include fly fishing for tarpon, multiple boats for larger groups, and private camp rental with meals. Tarpon charters with lodging including food are $1700 a day. If booking trip with lodging for more than one day the price is $1600 a day. Please call for more details.

            The Lodge