Bull Drum

1st Kimberly Schouest

2nd Fallon Dominique

3rd Natalie Buquet


1st Korie Hibbard

2nd Jon Hebert

​3rd Dusty Nesbit

Hard Head Catfish

1st Dusty Nesbit

2nd Jase Schouest

3rd Kimberly Schouest


1st Jase Schouest

2nd Brian Folse

​3rd Oben Duplantis 

         Top Family 

Kimberly and Jase Schouest   

Fallon and Teresa Dominique

Thanks to everyone who came out and fished for our First Annual Family Rodeo and Congratulations to all of our winners!


1st Kimberly Schouest

2nd Fallon Dominique

3rd Oben Duplantis


1st Colin Louque

2nd Jayden Lirette

​3rd Carter Foret 

​Bull Red

1st Oben Duplantis 

2nd Jase Schouest

3rd Brayden Buquet


1st Jerry Lang

2nd Kimberly Schouest

3rd Teresa Dominique

2018 First Annual Tradewinds Family Rodeo